Don Rosenberg

The Instant Organic Minute

Don Rosenberg is the owner of Instant Organic Garden, a business that installs raised bed vegetable gardens throughout the Carolinas. He is author of the book, “No Green Thumb Required! Organic Family Gardening Made Easy” and shows how anyone with six hours of sunlight can have an easy, productive back yard garden.

Don is a Master Gardener with over 25 years of organic gardening experience. He writes columns, articles and features on organic gardening, as well as regular radio and TV appearances. His focus is on families; his book lists 25 different mini-projects for children of all ages. He says, “by getting your kids involved at every stage, you instill a life-long appreciation of nature, fresh vegetables and healthy eating.”


Carl White

Executive Producer / Show Host

According to Executive Producer Carl White, “the development of the Life in the Carolinas syndicated shows has been a challenging and yet rewarding endeavor. The people and places of the Carolinas are simply so special and exciting that the stories about them yearn to be shared with a large audience. All we have to do is look at those who visit the Carolinas and so fall in love with the charm of our region. They decide this is the place for them to either relocate to or have a vacation home. It’s been that way for a long time. Meeting the great people who make the Carolinas a special place to live and to visit is a true honor. Producing stories around such a richly diverse culture provides the opportunity to present stories about these people who do good and interesting things and the environment in which they do it.”

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