Are You a Firehouse Chef?

Enter the LITC Great Carolinas Firehouse Chef Contest

Life in the Carolinas TV is looking for fi rehouse chefs — from big city stations to volunteers in our smallest towns — to be recognized as the best firehouse chef in the Carolinas.


To be included, e-mail:

  1. Your favorite recipe
  2. A picture of the recipe as prepared
  3. Pictures of the cooks
  4. Pictures of your firehouse station

Four regional winners will be selected
(two from North Carolina and two from South Carolina).

Each of the regional winners will receive a visit from Carl White and the crew of Life in the Carolinas TV. They’ll produce a segment about your fire station to air in a future episode of Life in the Carolinas. Each of the four regional winners will also be invited to Charlotte for the official Carolinas Firehouse Cook Off. The event will be filmed and televised throughout both Carolinas.

The winner will be crowned Best Firehouse Chef in the Carolinas and receive a $1500 grand prize, along with some great merchandise.